GoldShell KD MAX is the absolute best Kadena Miner!

 GoldShell KD MAX is the miner that can make us millions!

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX


Hashrate: 40.2TH/s
Size: 200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight: 8500g
Noise level: 80db
Power: 3350W
Voltage: 12V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
Humidity: 5 – 95 %

The future of mining:

    The best way to survive the current bear market is to start buying and investing in the market and get ready for the next market boom. The GoldShell KD MAX is the best and most certain investment option right now since the ETH merge seems to be looking over our heads, and the recent talk of the private coin regulations can quite literally ruin the mining industry and leave us with not that many options.
    The good thing is that KDA is very much backed by a company and there are faces behind it, they also have no plans to move to proof of stake like ETH in the next 7 years. The whole thing about Kadena is that they embrace the old ways of validating on the blockchain, but in a much more sustainable and utility-driven way that is also power efficient. The way they validate is not that different from the way BTC does, it's just way faster cheaper, and has smart contract capabilities, that exceed that of ETH.
    When it comes to the utility of the token it is, in fact, a much superior tech than the first-generation tokens, to put that into perspective it would be about the same as comparing a computer from the years 2009 and 2020. A decade worth of research and development on the market.

The price potential of KDA:

    If you were to purchase even one of these GoldShell KD MAX miners and save every single token you mine with it, until the next BTC halving you would get about 26,000 tokens and you would have the opportunity to sell them at an even higher peak than the one in the year 2021. 
    These 24$ per coin would seem like pocket change when the real utility hits and we get to experience a price of about 200$ or even more for our mining efforts. This next bull market would bring generational wealth to you and your family, making you a millionaire and giving you that opportunity for early retirement.
    If you still have some doubts about buying a GoldShell KD MAX know that once the ETH merge is in full motion, all of that miner money is going to go somewhere and the people that have been investing time and efforts into equipment are going to move somewhere. That hashing power is not going to go to BTC, since it is already very hard to profit out of it unless you have millions to spend on hardware. The interest in KDA is yet to reach its peak, we are way too early in the maturity of the market!

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX

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